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November 12, 2009


Oh Cassie that is so brilliant!! And stinkin' cute to boot! I've been wanting to put a peg board in my office and your post may just be the kick in the pants that I needed.

Looks awesome I am so jealous!!!

It's so fabulous Cassie! I didn't even think about the fact that you can hang a file folder on a peg board. I have one above my sewing table that I spray pointed turquoise...I love it! Great job! It rocks!

That's awesome Cassie! I LOVE your new little corner -- what a difference your beautiful touches make. Will you be able to keep it that clean LOL?

I love all the things you can store on that peg board! My supplies are hanging/balancing on pins on my bulletin board, but this looks so much better. Great idea with the fabric bar too. How fun to spruce up your studio like this! It's nice to have things readily available AND organized.

Just lovely Cassie - you have made such a pretty and practical corner of your room. The little finishing touches - the paper covered cans, the button screw covers, the painted rail - make all the difference.

Looks fabulous Cassie, well done you clever lady.

Love the skirt on the cutting table. Did you use velcro to attach it? Kudos on the pegboard.

your space looks wonderful! i love your pegboard and all the organization. totally awesome! (can't wait to see what you do with those fabrics on your fabric bar!) ;)

What a beautiful and inspiring studio space you've created. Love it!

It's fantastic!! I need to spruce up my space, but I'm booked with projects until Christmas. Sigh...maybe after the new year. You are definitely an inspiration!

Your new board is perfect! So handy for keeping things close!

I like the way you turned the table too. It gives you more workspace. :)

WOW! I am loving that peg board, Cassie! Definitely gonna borrow some of your ideas, so awesome that you built it yourself : D

Good plan Cassie - love how it all 'works'. Now I'm wondering if you've tried out that B5413 See & Sew bag pattern? It sure looks like a quick and easy shopping bag - perfect in one of the designer fabrics.

I love it! Wow great job. =)

A space that would make any crafter jealous!!! It looks amazing!

wow! Girl power! literally!
way to go! that is awesome! so going in my plans folder for my "someday" craft room :)

It looks beautiful. I bought the peg board and supplies to make myself one this summer but am afraid the metal from the holders will scratch my new paint? Any problems with that?

You rock!

This would have to be one of the best peg board designs I've seen. What an inspiration!

Looks beautiful!

I want that! You've inspired me, thank you.

Hi! I found your blog from SMS giveaway & I love it! Your workspace is wonderful & I am so jealous!! :) I love those Amy Butler fabrics too! Have a great day!

That is fantastic!

Did you ever read that Berenstein Bears book where they clean up their room? That's what your pegboard reminds me of. I want one!

To your blog, I learned a lot! This also is very good!

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