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November 18, 2009


Holy Cow -- apparently we're sisters! We must be -- we share the best mom on the planet!!! I KNEW there was a link in there somewhere.

Besides, you're brilliant. I would have ended it at the snit. (LOVE LOVE wtwta btw. And the movie is exactly what you'd expect but with even better costuming. All the criticisms about plot are legit -- how can you make a full blown story from the book, afterall? But who cares -- those costumes -- absolute eye candy!!!)

what if you made a candle cozy cover out of it?
Love the end result BTW

Necessity is the mother of invention. Good solution!

aww that's too bad, it still looks pretty though :)

Wow - what a wonderful solution to your problem! Sometimes having a snit inspires the best burst of creativity.

And why DON'T you make a candle cosy out of the original quilt? I have a tutorial for one on my blog...

How funny! You came up with a great solution and I'm sure your Mom will love it!

You're hilarious! I love your problem solving attitude and what a great solution.
I actually thought at first that you were referring to The Grufalo... "...terrible teeth, and terrible claws..."

I would so love to see it as an apron on your cat!!! Or your could make it into a soap bottle apron for your Mom and give it to her that way! (but I'd really rather see you torture...umm...dress...your cat in it!)

Maybe it would be a good apron pocket?

I love it SO much Cassie! It turned out great even though the original didn't fit! The apron pockets others suggested is a great idea!

That totally rocks!!! I found you via Spoonful of Sugar. :) Have a great weekend!!

That's a great idea! I would have never thought of it.

As for Where the Wild Things Are...I loved the book, but didn't like the movie. The costumes were great, though.

Oh no! I did the exact same thing earlier this year when I was making Valentine's Day cups. I finally used Heat'n'Bond, and simply ironed my fabrics onto the heat'n'bond. I peeled off the paper backing and that did the trick. Plus I was using the Starbucks ones, so maybe there's a little more space in them???

Very innovative!! I hope your Mum had a wonderful day!

fabulous solution.....and I love that book too....the movie was good :-)

I have an idea for the bitty quilt! Make an insulated coffee cozy out of it. You know those paper sleeves that you put around a latte or breve from a coffee shop? Make a pattern from the paper sleeve and make a reusable on for her coffee-on-the-go.
Like this: http://www.scribd.com/doc/3205579/Cup-Sleeve-Tutorial


My family and I are BIG "Wild Things" fans. Haven't seen the movie, but it can't possibly be as good as the book. Can it?


That is a great idea. I love it, and I want to do it. Thanks you!

Well it is really cute. And it is a great gift idea. I wonder if just the fabric would have worked? Hmm. It is cute just the way it is though. I should do that.

great solution...

Good save! It turned out looking really great.

this may not be how you envisioned it but this idea totally rocks!!

That's AWESOME! You could Make a bunch of them, make the copies, and sell a stack of the copies and the mug as a set. Totally cute.

Holy smokes Cassie! You are a flipping genius!! I agree you should make a bunch of these!

I am laughing SO HARD at this. I cannot believe you made a color copy. That is awesome -- and completely frustrating, I'm sure. Glad I found your blog.

Now that I've entered a bazillion SMS giveaways, I'm going back to actually look at the rest of people's stuff. So I gotta say, this is brilliant! You should sell these in your shop. I think the color copy is even better in a way, because that way you can always replace it if it gets damaged or coffee-stained.

And second, I covet your craft room. Lovely and so organized!

I know this is an old post but I just had to comment. You are an amazing woman, a forward thinker, a creative genius! I would have ripped it to bits and then been angry at myself, You figured it out and the cup looks amazing! You go Girl! I'd like to know what you did with the tiny quilt? It would make a cute pot holder or you could just send it my way.

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