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October 21, 2009


that zebra is darling...
Rachael is STILL in love with her zebra.

That is the cutest zebra ever! I love her stripes! Great job Cassie! I want to hear your lame-o joke!

Ok, let's hear it. Spill. That zebra is cute as can be. Love the zebra special effects too!

Oh Cassie, that zebra is the sweetest little thing. Just look at her cute face!

And yes, I want to hear the joke, too. I'll share my favourite lame joke if you share yours! ☺

Yah..let's hear the joke!!!

I love the Zebra!!! I was wondering if you have ever done a tutorial or made a pattern for purchase? I would love to make one for my little girl...they are soo sweet!

Great job!!


I'd say you made up for it in cuteness--the zebra I mean--not that you're not cute :)

Love her!! She's absolutely adorable with all that pink spiked hair!

Hi Cassie,
Long time no see... Oooh I'm so glad I visited.. Love your adorable zebra and your sense of humour.
You've given me some sock inspiration!!
Thanks and Wooohoo!!

Your Zebra is super charming!! We all have those "oh no" moments when we remember something we forgot.

That is such a cute Zebra! I always love reading your site for creative inspiration. I just got nominated for my first blog award and now it's my turn to give the award out- and I've picked you! Check out my site for info!

i LOVE the zebra! and in a cute little dress! very well done, thank goodness for inbox's!

what a CUTE zebra :) Love her!

Oh that zebra is beautiful. So many sock creatures look...odd to me...but you really nail them! You're very talented!

twice in a row I've posted two comments! Send me the joke!

My daughter is desperately in love with your zebras and their cute dresses! She is not a girly girl and is 13 years old. And still... in love with the zebra. I know this is an old post, but is there any chance you could post a tutorial on how to make one?
I would love to be able to make one myself. I would even purchase the pattern if you put one out!
They are CUTENESS!

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