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September 11, 2009


I'm so glad to hear you perservered because this doodle is awesome! I can't imagine brown paper bags would be that wasteful. Aren't they biodegradable, being paper? Don't sweat it!

I agree it's ugly. I had to send a brown paper bag lunch on Wednesday because we couldn't find out oh so cute lunchbox with the brand new awesome fabric napkin in it. Ugly.

Can't wait to see what you come up with for the lunches - your daughters will be the envy of their class mates for sure! Love the doodle - your teacher was a wise woman.

I really love your doodle stitching. You inspired me to by the book by Aimee Ray and I absolutely love it. Each time I see your creations it encourages me to keep on going with my stitching also. Thanks for the inspiration.

I LOVE your doodle stitching it's what inspired me to start learning!! And the piece you have pictured is gorgeous!! I love it!! We'll be going on a trip on Monday so I'll definitely be taking my embroidery with me. =) Great job, Winner!

Oooh, such cuteness! Maybe this little stitchery could play a part on a lunchbox???

No sweat here. Just wanting to fix a little ugly. LOL! I've known it was time to whip up a few lunch boxes for 6 months, but, of course, I procrastinated. Can you relate? LOL, again.

Take care, Terri~

On Sep 11, 2009, at 3:30 PM, typepad@sixapart.com wrote:

I LOVE your doodle! You are my inspiration in this area - your stitching is always so beautiful :)

I still remember a doodle from last year that you did.
I'm determined to learn how to embroider!!!

Very cute! Good for a pocket on a lunchbag?

I always love to see your newest doodle stitch, and I can't wait to see what you're making! Happy Autumn, Cassie.


OH, I adore this doodle! And the red and turquoise is one of my favorite color combos.

Just one question: how to add your blog into my rrs reader, thanks so much.

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