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August 11, 2009


Happy little girls enjoying themselves.Pussy looks good gave me A laugh.
Hugs Mary.

HAVE you been to stuffonmycat.com?

its hilarious

Hahahaha -- look at that cat! How can he sleep through such torture??? And maybe those fawns are quadruplets and the mom knows they'll be safe at a triplet house while she carouses around!!!

And here's a tip for you -- don't put them in your suburban and try to relocate them ROFLOL!!!

(I'm a blog stalker!) Have you tried sprinkling human hair (like from hair brushes or collected from hair cuts) around where the deers could possibly go? That and human urine are two really great deterrents for deer.


Too funny! Thanks for sharing their pics :)

OMG just read the comments! Hilarious!

How amazing to see fawns in your neighbourhood! Reminds me of Bambi - one of my favourite Walt Disney movies. Great to see your girls enjoying themselves.

Oh those dratted deer! I experience the same thing around my yard and gardens. One year they at the geraniums and moss roses from the pots on my front porch. They also chewed all my rhubarb down to nothing. (I know the leaves are supposed to be poisonous, but I don't think it affected them one bit, although I wish it had).

I think your triplets are wildly funny too. What antics!

lol nice picture of tink

Awww! Fourplets! lol I'm sorry about your garden, Cassie, but I have a huge soft spot for fawns and deer in general. We raised 2 fawns, one from infancy and another our friends had until he was 4 months old and then we took him over. So there's nothing I love more than a good fawn. Their necks are the most amazing muscles, I could sit there and let that baby suck on my ear lobe until it bled if I could pet and stroke it's neck. They only have bottom teeth in the front, that's probably why they pull your plants out, it's hard to bite things off with only a few teeth.

Clover was with us for about 2.5 years and Blossom for 4.5 years. They visited every day and eat us out of house and home, baby carrots, cherries and KitKats were their favorite foods. You know, the GOOD stuff, good and pricey.

That pic is too funny. Poor cat. Our dog gets treated the same way.....he is NEVER amused.

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