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August 18, 2009


Ok. Tap.Tap.Tap. Are you in there? Whales aren't in Montana, so it can't be a little road trip! Eeeeekkkk -- how exciting -- can't wait for the report. Beautiful dresser. Hope you're feeling well -- we wouldn't want the whales to get the flu or anything, now would we???

(Oh, and I'm sure I don't need to remind you -- no whales in the car.)

You are either going to Hawaii or sometime the pacific northwest has whales or even alaska?
either way feel better and have a safe trip.

Dresser looks great! I love the color you choose :) I'm guessing you are going to WA, maybe OR - have fun!! and feel better :)

Wow, what a beautiful dresser! Love the blue!

Have a lovely road trip. I hope you shake your sickness. I've been sick, too. Really awful for the first week and now a cough that I just can't get rid of. It's been nearly 3 weeks of this and I'm so tired of it (and just plain tired because the cough keeps me awake at night).

I hope you feel better soon! And that trip sounds really fun!

The dresser looks fabulous. I just told my husband that instead of buying particle board dressers from Walmart or some other place I'd like to go yard sale-ing and redo a real wood one. I think people like you have put that idea in my head. LOL I hope when and if I find and redo one it looks as nice as yours!

Beautiful! I love the color!!! Do you mind sharing the brand/name?

absolutely fabulous! that is the main color in my house...hope i never tire of it, but i don't think i will...it's so calm and pleasing to the eye...i painted our kitchen table almost the same shade. great job!!!

Such a yummy colour on the dresser (I love any bluey shade!), hope you're feeling better and have a great road trip :)

Love how this looks. What was your process for doing it? I have dresser I want to do this to--and wondered if I needed to sand down some of the icky veneer to get the paint to stick or what. The dresser I would like to do is similar to yours....so would love any tips you can share!

I hope you have your Thimbleanna roadtrip pillowcases ready!

Great chest of drawers, nice ones like that are getting harder and harder to find. Lovely color, too. My husband brought into our marriage 2 chests that he had gotten that were painted red/white/blue glossy enamel paint, hideous things! I stripped them down to find the most glorious hardwoods underneath and now have them in the craft area/guest bath and they are 2 of my favorite things. So yes to yard sales and finding old dressers and chest!

Feel better really soon, sweetie. Whatever you have sounds awful and I hope you're getting enough rest and drinking lots of liquids!

Whales, huh? Sounds fun and very awe-inspiring!

Poor you, Cassie. Get well so you can have a wonderful time whale watching! (Where is that going to be?) I love that dresser. I have an old one I need to paint too. You've inspired me.


Loving the drawers!! What a great revamp - the colour is great. I'm madly looking around at what I can paint now... ;) x

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