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July 12, 2009


Sweet Baby Turned into A gorgeous Teenager. Hope you have A very happy birthday I love the bag.
Hugs Mary.

That is SUCH a cute picture! I'll bet she loves the bag.

I never have enough time to stitch either, but I sure am trying to figure out that one. Your buttercup bag turned out beautiful! Isn't that a great pattern? Hope your birthday girl loves it!

Looks like the perfect bag for a teenager! Love the shape of the bag. I have been wanting to make a Buttercup bag for ages - now I have seen how wonderful yours looks I will have to get to it!

Enjoy your pedicure:) I tried to convince my son and husband that I couldn't do any dishes as i didn't want to chip my nails (not sure how long this excuse will last!)

Happy belated birthday to your newly-minted teenager!

What a perfect bag. So cute!

Wow 13! I can't imagine one of my girls getting that old but I know it will all come too soon! Love the bag I made one for my mom for her bday this year. Still have to get to making one for myself.

I can't believe how quickly my little people are becoming big people either. The bag is super cute! Love that color combo.

They grow up so very fast, don't they? My daughter is 14... and she's just so wonderful! What a sweet purse to carry all of the "girlie stuff" she'll collect, I know it'll be put to very good use! Happy belated birthday to your *little* one!!

Have a beautiful day!
Christina :)

Awe - it comes so fast doesn't it!? My oldest turned 13 in February so I know how you feel. It is lovely watching them turn into young ladies though. I made that bag too! But I kept it for myself! :)

She's beautiful! My baby girl just turned 16 this past week. They do grow up fast.

I love the bag.

Very sweet bag! Happy Birthday to her!

Cute bag! My daughter and my DIL have been wanting a bag very similar to this Buttercup. I'm going to email them the link to yours so they can take a look and see if they want one. A free pattern is so nice to share. Thanks Cassie.


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