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June 06, 2009


Fabulous! I've only tried the strawberry...I need to try the other fruits. I'm sure an addiction is coming with these if I start up again...my fave apples are honeycrisp.

What a great pattern, I can just visualise them in some red or green marbles sitting in a glass bowl on the dining room table or the end of the kitche bench. Fabulous.

How cute!

Just beautiful Cassie! Royal Gala are my apple of choice - they are in season here at the moment so we are getting our daily dose:)

How cute! Did you make the ones in the photo? I think they are just lovely!

I love honey crisp the most! But I do love this adorable one you made. Love the fabrics and the shape looks perfect. I think I might have this patter, and forgot about it.

Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, Very, Very Cute! I'm thinking they need a little caramel on top of them!

My favorite apples are the green golden delicious - I have my kids hooked on 'em too! Love your pincushion!!

Too cute!

We are pink lady fans here at our house. Honeycrisp too!

Just beautiful :o)

Those are just beautiful!! I love that pattern too (so many fun things in one pattern)!

My favorite apple is the Jonalicious. I don't know why.

I love the apples! I didn't realize there were several fruits in the pattern. I always thought it was just a pear, which is fine..I like pears, but the apples are too cute!

Cassie what a fun post. I'm sure heather would love to see your apples. The blue one - the unexpected - seems to be my favorite but then I look at the others and think they are all my favorites. They are lovely. I'm not a fan of stuffing myself. But it makes me want to make them!

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