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June 10, 2009


How can I have had the pattern for all these months and not made any apples yet? I've really got to make one...I'm afraid of the addiction though! :) I love the apples in that bowl...that would go perfect on my dining table...which just gave me a great idea! Thanks Cassie!

I can see resistance is futile when it comes to apples! Enjoy the start of your summer vacation - very envious, it is cold, wintry and wet here today:)

What a great idea for the teachers. Your apples are gorgeous! And what a great name for a school -- that cracked me up!

seriously MUST get pattern!

I'm now thinking...I've got to make those apples. I saw them on Heather's blog and liked them a lot but when I saw all of yours... I don't think I can resist anymore.

Beautiful apples! I think any teacher would just love them apples!

these are fantastic!!!
what a great idea to give them as gifts!

I love those apples. So cute, and I bet the teachers will love them.

Please please please send that letter to Heather! I bet she would get a kick out of it. I must go find my pattern right now and make of these. Yours are so fantastic! I love how they look in the bowl.

*Squeal of Delight!!*
These are so delicious to look at. I can't imagine how addicted you are making them!


What yummy apples. Your picture makes me want to drop everything and make apples too! By the way I think you will find Ms Bailey has heard your plea. I just followed the link from her tweet on twitter.

Linked this back from Heather Bailey's twitter account! So cool that she read it!
What a sweet addiction!

These are gorgeous! They look so good in that beautiful bowl. I've just finished my first apple...... and I did enjoy making it..... but it could be better finished..... so I could just try another one..... :-o

you did such a great job, they are beautiful !!

These are really cute. I love all the fabric combinations you selected. Great photos too.

they are gorgeous! did you notice heather mentioned you on her blog today!

I love your apples. Wish I was music teacher to your girls.

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