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June 28, 2009


Such great pictures - the only time I have seen a bear was when we were camping in Algonquin Park - we saw so much wildlife it was amazing!! Thanks for sharing your pics.

Great photos I dont think I have ever seen A bear.
Hugs Mary.

Thanks for sharing those pictures.

Oh. So. Cool!!! You just cracked me up though -- remind me to never to bear hunting with you -- I'm pretty sure you could run faster than me. I would love to have a grizzly sighting and it sounds like your situation couldn't have been more perfect. I wish that black bear would come to my yard -- we have ant piles that just won't quit. We get rid of one and another pops up. We need a pet bear! Can't wait to see your stitching -- you always make the cutest stuff!

Great pics! Do you freehand your doodle stitching or do you draw a pattern first?

I wonder if blond black bears have more fun...?

Love the doodle and how amazing to see bears not in a zoo. Something we only watch on tv. x


Just commenting to say ~*thank you*~ for your tutorials, I made a flat pencil roll and love love LOVE it :D

Awesome bear pics! We were in Yellowstone in June and saw two grizzlies. Really a treat. You got some good close-ups. Can't wait to see what that doodle stitching is going on.


I love your work and your happy "voice" in everything you write!

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