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April 14, 2009


I love the doodles. You always make them so beautiful and artistic. Are you going to make bags with them?

Yay! You're back! Love your little doodles. I sure wish you were at my house for technical advice about my lawn chairs. I'd like to re-cover them, but can't figure out how to sew the "seam" at the bend between the top cushion and the bottom cushion. Those big cushions won't fit in my sewing machine LOL!

I live in St. Pete and I love it here! Glad you enjoyed your visit :)

Glad you got away with your family and had some fun. Love your cute stitchin'!

Your doodles are so stinkin' cute! I love the bee and ladybug :) I've never been to FL either, but I can imagine being overwhelmed by the crowds at Disney. Glad you all got away to visit!

Your doodles are adorable!

LOVE your doodles! Especially the contrast of the first one. So, so pretty! :)

Sounds great! It is lovely when you can just enjoy being together - that is, afterall, so important in life. I love your doodles. I especially like the lady bug and the dragonfly additions, they are perfect! You'll be pleased to hear that after talking to a friend recently about your blog and my inspiration to get the sewing machine out of the loft, she is going to come over with hers in the summer and we're going to have a sewing session. She doesn't blog but I'm sending her the link to your blog so she can be inspired too! Take care x Toodlepip!

Oh fun!

I have never been to Florida, but would love to visit one day. Disneyland would be my first stop. I am pretty crazy about that place!

Sounds fun! My good friend moved to Florida almost a year ago and I'm really hoping to make it out there to visit her. We're hoping to do Disney World by the time Maddie turns 5.

I love your handiwork! The bugs are my favorite part on there...what will you use these on?

Sounds like a brilliant holiday! Family, fun, beaches, theme parks - something for everyone!

We went to Florida in '96 and had the best holiday ever! Loving your doodles, the blue one is especially pretty!

FLORIDA resident. I'm origianally from Western NY, and boy, do I miss it! Florida is hot, humid, and it's summer all the time. I miss cool Fall evenings, snug winter days, blooming Spring. Do you like lizards? They're everywhere!

Lovely "doodles," I wish I could doodle half as well as you doodle!

I love your doodles! You are motivating me to get working on some stuff. Not sure which stuff at this point, but something.

your embroidery is stunning.
makes me want to learn to embroider. i love that little twisty stitch on the bottom one, i'll have to look that up in my embroidery book.

Your doodle look great!

cassie what are those twisty stitches? the aqua circles and the green with the leaves and pink flowers? love that stitch. i tried to find it in my embroidery book and the closest thing i can find is a wrapped stitch, but it's totally different.

Hi, I was wondering how you added in your second color on your green stem stitch. Thanks Katie

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