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February 26, 2009


One of my girls had that Gymboree outfit with the pink corduroy jumper!

I totally get what you mean about sewing. I once had a kings size quilt cut out and in a big shoe box. My mom thought I was nuts. That one little part of my life was in order. One night, as I walked over to my sewing machine, I dropped the box. Oh, well!

I am loving the 10 year old picture-you all look fab!

Eventually, I will lose my sewing room to one of my girls when they get older and can no longer tolerate, so I'll just read what works for you...it's so nice to have friends to trial and error for me! :) Please share pics, I would love to see what you come up with!

Wow, you are a crazy busy woman! I bet it will be nice to get everyone settled again. I love your list of why you sew, and agree with each point.

I had no idea that you had triplets! Wow!

I have five kids, but they are spaced out over 13 years. I can only imagine that you were very busy when everyone was small!

I agree creative therapy is so necessary! I'll be looking for you here soon :)

Hi Cassie,
I love listening to the way you tell things.
you make me feel so normal..I know I've said that before.
Good luck with chaos and moving and peace thereafter!! Wooohoo!!
Robyn xx

You are such a breath of fresh air ... from the fabrics you choose, to the way you combine them, to the comical explanation of what can make many of us maniacal(?). You go girl ... keep inspiring us!

Love the family picture - the girls look so sweet in their matching outfits!! Your wallets are gorgoeus - you always manage to pull together such great fabric combinations.

Man, oh man, did you two have your hands full! Hope you get everything moved, cleaned, sorted, etc. soon so you can have some me time!!!

You were cute-as-a-button then and still every bit as cute now! You were and ARE a busy mom.


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