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February 06, 2009


So cute! I do have a question for you though? Why isn't your ironing board cover disgusting? When I get a new cover, it looks like new for approximately 23 1/2 hours.

Very Cool Ms. Go Girl! At last the mystery of the flat pocket solved. And oh, so pretty.

But, like Maria (and I swear, it was on my mind before I clicked over to comments) -- WHY isn't your ironing board cover disgusting??? And WHERE exactly does one get a stunning new ironing board cover such as yours??? I can only assume it has been made by the incredibly talented Go Girl hands herself!

Thanks for the great tutorial. I love how neatly everything is done and I realise that taking time to measure everything properly is where I go wrong. I just use my zipper foot and eyeball it when making the crayon pockets. It's just as well I don't use stripey fabric LOL
Beautiful work as always

What a fantastic tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to write this and photograph steps for it. You saved me...Isabella has a birthday party on Sunday and I have no idea what to get for the birthday girl. I'm hoping I have time to make this for her. And I totally agree with the flat pencil rolss that don't roll flat...it bugs me too because I have 2 crayon rolls.

Oh, by the way, I prefer the regular Dove Milk Chocolates, but I might try the raspberry ones.

Beautiful!! thank you so much I can't wait to try it!!!!

What a fun tutorial! Congrats on your Blog-a-versary!

btw . . . Love the Big Daddy Weave :-)

Congratulations on the bloversary!!! Thanks for a great tutorial - love the mandatory chocolate!

Great tutorial! especially the step involving chocolate. My kind of girl! I love these fabrics, which I have been saving in my stash for something.

thanks for the tutorial.
I have made pencil rolls before where you turn and topostitch, but I love the binding around it> I think it looks awesome.

Wow - you really do inspire me to get my sewing machine out. The thing is I start off as you say but I never seem to get passed step 1... ;)

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I so enjoy your blog...you always brighten my day! Blessings to you!

Thank you for the how-to!

I love your ironing board cover! I would almost want to iron if mine looked like that!

Just super - like everything you make. Love it. Love my little snap wallet. Thank you! Love the fat quarter too. Can you believe I needed that color and the minute I opened the package it was used just like that! Thank you.

Happy 1 year blogaversary! Thanks, too, for the tutorial. I love how you used an elastic hairband for the closure. I would have never thought of that.

I, too, would love to know where you got the beautiful ironing board cover.

Very nice tutorial! I've linked to it from Craft Gossip Sewing Blog:

Thanks for this tute -- I just made some with nice blue combos for a young lass in NZ, but I'm scared of binding so I did a turn & stitch. Still works nice and flat! Thanks!

Terrific tutu and I like to keep Lindors milk chocolate truffles around when I'm working on big sewing projects! :0)

thanks a bunch for this tutorial
i can't wait to do it!:)

Just wanted to let you know that I've just done my second pencil roll from this tute, and actually conquered my fear of binding. (After a couple of hours viewing every binding tute on the web!!) Thanks again.

Hi could you make me one if i supply the chocolates lol Great tutorial !

Thank you for letting the rest of us inside your kreative brain:)

thank you for this delightful tutorial, I am looking forward to making one for my pencils.

Thanks for a great tutorial, heres my take on it http://hereswhatididtoday.blogspot.com/2010/01/rainbow-roll.html

Thank you so much for this tutorial.


This looks fantastic, and so easy! Can't wait to try it!

try as I might I simply cannot get past step 1

could you PLEASE put this on etsy & I can buy it! PLEASE! I want to make one, but I know it won't turn out this gorgeous.I love this colored pencil roll you've made & would love it even more if it belonged to me. make another & sell it!!

I only had Hershey's hugs for step one but those worked. Made one of these last night for a birthday today. The hairband and button clasp is perfect - will be easy for the little girl who is getting it.

So much fun to make! I've adapted the directions, though, after attempting binding the first time. Whew! Now, I sew ribbon into the seam and turn the whole thing right side out, then topstitch all the way around. They make a GREAT birthday gift when filled with watercolor pencils or twist-up colors and paired with a Do You Doodle book!

How many pockets for pencils are there when the project is completed?

Love the this! just wondering where you got the fabric from?


Great tutorial!!
Here is my version

Fabulous tutorial - thanks!

I also dislike flat pockets so this may be the tute that actually makes me do it! The elastic is nicer than ties too - I may need to make the pencil roll and a knitting needle roll :)

I made one today for my granddaughter. It was so quick and easy and looks fantastic. Thanks for the great tutorial :-)

So as I understand it this holds 20 colored pencils. Would it make the roll gigantic if you altered it to hold a standard 24 count? Thanks for the great tutorial!

Would it be okay if instead of medium weight interfacing i used heavy weight interfacing? Would this affect the design or the way the roll works?

Best tutorial I have seen!! I am going to trial two of these for my kids as pencil cases for school and monitor how much of their own stationery they actually use. I love how neat they look and LOVE organisation!! Could you recommend how I could attach a top flap so the pencils definately will not fall out if carried upside down? Thanks again ♥ Fiona

i love the tutorial, but i found having a PATTERNED ironing cover (in the photos), makes a busy background for a tutorial that uses PATTERNED fabric.

Your sense of humour and detail is greatly appreciated.
Chocolate is a great motivator, ha ha

i hope i can make a pencil roll half as good as yours.

I think I'm going to try this with my crochet hooks.

Hi Cassie, I was greatly inspired by this lovely tutorial to make a crochet hook roll. It is not half as pretty and neat as yours, but it is a first for me. I have linked back to your tutorial in case others would like to make it too. I love your crochet edged pillowcases. Do visit me when ever you are free. Reading your blog makes me wish I had a girl too.

Trying this today as my first non-supervised sewing project! I learned to sew from my grandmother when I was about 10; that was almost two decades ago and I've only just decided to pick it up again so thank you for the easy to understand tutorial. Wish me luck!

I really dont know how to do the binding

Thank you! I love that the pencils have their own pocket so it lies flat! I have linked to you on my site - http://alittlebirdmademe.com/2013/10/04/friday-finds-a-list-of-diy-gift-ideas-for-a-9-year-old-girl-with-links-to-tutorials/

Looks great, but I am wondering what happens when you sew the bottom of the pockets? There is extra fabric on the top so do you flatten all the pencil pockets down in one direction or pleat them or just let the fall how they will. I can't see the bottoms of yours in the photo. Thanks :)

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