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January 07, 2009


I really love your bird ornament, and the idea that it's an early bird - cute!

You should definitely buy a bolt! Isn't it funny how we get addicted to certain prints? In my case, I can hardly bear to cut into them just knowing that they'll someday be unavailable. By the time someday rolls around, I always wonder why I was so crazy about that print and now what am I going to do with this fabric that I used to love but don't anymore LOL! Love that adorable birdie -- you're amazing to get such an early start {wink}{wink}!

Great gifts. I love the pencil roll, and the fabric is the bomb!!!

I love the birdie - especially his hair do! Starting early for next year indeed :) The pencil roll is great - I love that polka dot fabric too. I have lost my voice today :( I think hubby is pleased! ;) x

I was smart enough to get this in a couple colors. It goes with so much! I was going to use it for a quilt back but then I thought - nope. I'd better keep it for projects and use something cheaper/uglier for the quilt back. Well not that much uglier. Triplets - sheesh. Twins was enough for me. I guess we don't really choose these things though. The birdie is darling. And of course your sewing is perfection on the pencil roll. I've been making these pot holders and I think about you and how nice your stitch quality is and it makes me be more careful. See what you've done to me!

Hellloooo Ms. Girl LOL! You should pay me a visit. Just sayin'. ;-)

Love the bird ornament. How 'bout we say he's bringing Spring? That way he's neither late nor early for anything.

Thimbleanna sent me. She said you're hilarious and she was right. I had to read back posts because I was enjoying them so much!

BTW, congrats on winning a bunny. Lucky you!

You go Girl, I found your blog somewhere and I love it. I love the birdie and the marker holder. How creative. You have very interesting posts. I'm going to add you to my favorites. I have a question. When you make your bags/purses, do you put cardboard or a stableizer in the bottom of your bags? I did it once and it ended up in the sides and all over the place, I followed the directions to a tee...

Love little Birdie! Please tell him to be gentle with Mr. Cupcake bunny [or is it Mr. Stick Me who's coming to live with you?] Caution him that bunnies have sensitive eyes---no plucking at them with that sharp little beak!
Love your pencil roll too---crafty lady!

Hello! I LOVE-LOVE the marker roll. Did you use a pattern that you would share? I would sure love to make a couple of these for Christmas gifts. I have a niece who has EVERYTHING but I'm betting she would love one of these for markers. I had seen these for crayons but never thought of making for markers. Duh... LOL.

I made one of your posh pillowcases recently and shared with a friend who had undergone open heart surgery. I'm more inspired than ever to make up some of these for saving for when friends are sick, etc. They are so cheery! Thanks again!


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