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November 17, 2008


Wow, that IS a lot of birthdays! We have streaks like that in our family, but not that many. I love how cool your new tag looks on the finished clothespin bag. Happy birthday to your mom!

Your family sounds like mine! I have 5/8 of my children in the early fall. One at the end of september and 4 in october. In fact my daughters BD is Oct 27 too. And so is Stephanie's on Loft Creation blog. Kind of fun. Its a hard time to have tons of birthdays and then jump into christmas!

An expensive few months then :) Sounds like fun family times though. Love the peg bag - red spots are fab! Def wouldn't have worked with the orange tags though. The new tags work well though. I have shelved an idea there that may come to fruition... but given that my sewing machine is still in the loft it may be a little while away ;)

Love that bag! And what a great idea to make them for storing other things. So cute!

I wish for more sewing hours too....

Oh man, am I having a duh moment! I was just shopping with my mom this weekend and we saw a little clothespin bag and she asked if I liked it. I said yes. It never occurred to me until JUST NOW WHEN I SAW YOUR ADORABLE BAG that mom might like one for her clothespins! Thanks for the great idea!

And sorry about your birthday mania. We're SO lucky -- our family is very nice and evenly spread out -- about two birthdays a month for all the months except Oct., Nov., and Dec. -- which is perfect for the Christmas budget LOL!

Happy Birthday to your Mum!! Our family has a busy time with birthday too from now until early January, combined with Christmas and the end of the school year - life is certainly hectic at the moment. Love the peg bag - very stylish!!

Happy BIrthday!!!
Love the clothespin bag. The colors are fantastic and I am jealous of your never ending stash of Summer in the City! Totally agree with you about the tags. Love the orange ones too though. Smart to have two options. Fab work as usual.

Darling bag! We have lots of birthdays too! Mine is next week!

Thanks for the link for the tags! Jen

It's hard to find anything made of *wood* these days, let alone a hanger. Cute, cute, cute pin bag. I made some this summer and I love putting my pins in there. I used to just let them weather on the line. Not any more. *Cute* can make a difference!


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