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November 11, 2008


i love the orange tags, and the new ones are cute too!! if i knew how to sew i would make some tags for myself!!
:applauds you fervently

I am in the market for some new tags and yours turned out so nice-thanks for sharing that little tutorial!

And I love any of AB's dots, they work well with anything-it's a good coordinating print.

Ok, I couldnt make the poo link work before, but I can now. And now I have to ask. Just what in gods name has that bear been eating? LOL That poo is hugely disgusting and not at all what I expected.

Love the trim you have used on your latest bag! Your printer labels are great - it would be fun having different sized labels for different projects.

Oh go on ... show us the deer poop. Just think of it, you could have a whole poop category where you show us all sorts of wildlife poop. (You know...tag your posts with "poop", then someone could click on the poop category and get the scoop, er poop scoop.) Think of it as being instrumental to the education of your city slicker blogging friends!

Love your tags -- both of them. And the bag is gorgeous. I hate it when a well loved fabric gets to that point -- to buy more, or not to buy more. It almost seems that when I buy more I don't like it anymore, but if I don't I pine away for it. I do love those polkies though!

Oh, and you are FAR from a one hit wonder!!!

I love both versions of your labels. I'm so glad to hear there is an easy way to print your own, but I never would have guessed using twill tape. Great tip!

I am not a green Person as a rule but I just love your green bag It Is AB FAB.
Hugs Mary.

The tags are both wonderful. I'll have to try that! I especially love the orange lettering on the woven ones though. SO cute. Bears or no bears I love everything you do.

You're awesome Cassie!!
I love tags :o)
Very neat and very clever...
'You go girl'.

Fun tags and cute, cute purse. I'd have a hard time letting the Polka Dot go too.


Those tags are so cute (my favorite is the orange!). I love those lime dots for the very reason you mentioned...they go with everything (in fact I was going to do a whole post on it!). I just received my 3rd bolt of it because I have a hard time keeping it in stock (apparently we're not the only ones who noticed!).

Hey Cassie,
I'm trying to do labels myself. In order to invert the letters I used PhotoShop but they come out blurry. What did you use? You're are so pretty & you even got your site on there. I love them. Is there a secret?

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