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November 24, 2008


Those recipe files are the cutest thing! You should list some in your shop...and I agree, why is it called dumb dot? Who came up with that?
And Mr. Handsome is certainly handsome-we are blessed with amazing husbands, aren't we?

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Handsome! You two look cute together up there at the top of your blog -- when you post next time, Mr. Handsome will get demoted and he'll no longer be next to you.

I was reading along reveling in all your swankiness about installing XM and then found out you didn't do it after all. Bummer. You're still up on a pedestal in my mind anyway LOL. Like you, I'd love to drill a hole in the side of the car -- if only you could patch it as easily as when you drill a hole in the side of your jeans.

How 'bout dapper dot. Definitely not Dumb!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Oh So Handsome! Cassie it sounds like you got him the perfect guy gift!

Your recipe file is so cute. I have a few precious scraps of that Summer in the City left. What a great line (why does Moda only run each line once?!) that was.

I am sure your hubby appreciated his radio. Men are much harder to craft for tho my hubby has said he'd quite like a knitted tank top - I don't think he realises at the speed I knit and with all my projects on the go it might be a while... I love the recipe file - very trendy. 'Dumb' dot... 'what' dot?? Definitely not a good name for such funky fabric!
Toodlepip :)

He is handsome! You can tell he is a very nice person. The recipe card holder is amazing. Your work is so perfect.

I have been using the brag books for recipes for a long time, but never thought about covering them like you did. Oh CUTE! Lucky Mr. Handsome...he's got a great wifey.


i hope mr. handsome's bday was wonderful cassie.... and i'm glad you still have a crush on him!
i love your recipe holder. what did you put in the inside to make it firm? you should make those and sell them to us sewing-impaired folks.
i love the beautiful things you make cassie. you're amazing.

First time to visit. I came over from Not So Plain Jane. I have to have one of those cute cute recipe holders. I love the Dumb Dots. Gosg girl I love your ideas.
have a great day.

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