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October 29, 2008


Congrats on completing an Ottobre pattern! Such a great pattern magazine! I've made a few of theirs for my daughter and you're right about the line tracing- so confusing and eye crossing!!

How nice to get a mention on your blog! Thank you for always sharing your ideas and creativity with us too. I do miss the orange banner (I like the new word - orange-a-phobe - that's great!), but I like the birdy too. It's so YOU! Happy day!

We would be fun neighbors. I love everything you do! I'd come and watch you sew.

Thank you Cassie! I totally get you too! LOL (scary isn't it?)! What a nice treat!

I too would come and watch you sew, I always scan your blog for tips and ideas :-)
Anaranjado, deffinitely a mouthful and so lovely to say. I am going through an orange phase as it seems to pop into everything I make lately. I think it's because I can't let go of summer.

Can't wait to see what you have made from Ottobre. I have been hearing a lot about the magazine lately and must purchase an issue to check it out! Thanks for the award - much appreciated :)

I liked the orange design, but I admit that I missed the little birdie, too!

Those buttons are just adorable!

I like to add spanish words when I am talking too. My kids just ignore me when I do it, but it makes me laugh! ;)

Hey Cassie, loved your post! I've got to get making some cute little buttons. How do you make them? Do you buy a special machine or buy 'blank' buttons? If only I had a little girl to buy for - I love the bike dress over jeans outfit!
Toodlepip! x

I totally LOVE making covered buttons. I agree, there is this great feeling you get when you pop them out and see them. LOL. Love the lil outfit. My first project I attempted to sew was a purse, and I realized it's harder than it looks. Maybe once I get better, i'll try again. I enjoy your blog :)

Thank you! It's so nice to stumble upon a blog that's positive. I've had it to the top of my eyeballs with politics and general nastiness. It's also fun to find someone that like Big Daddy Weave!?!

I also have 5 kids and my craft stuff is what keeps me sane (or slightly less crazy)!

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