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October 08, 2008


well, good heavens! I'd definitely say that you won. What an adorable adorable top and pants. I'll send you a bagful of messed up creations of mine! Promise you'll make something beautiful?

How cute are those and how smart are you! What lovely work you do. It all looks so fabulous all the time. Your stitch quality is very nice. Good for you. The bag was cute too though!

Congratulations on winning over that bag! And now you can move on with your head held high. hehehe That little top turned out great. Adorable - you should make more of those.

So cute, you definitely kicked the bag's butt! I love the top, it's adorable.

OH MY GOSH!!!! Can I please steal that adorable patch idea??? I LOVE that little bike print and have a teeny bit and on those jeans -- that's the cutest thing I've seen in a long time -- I LOVE IT!!!!

And that cute top ain't half bad either LOL!!!

You are a brilliant re-purposing scientist!
Love it!

What a cute remodel!! Love the little outfit - so sweet.

You go girl! Way to whack that frustrating bag to bits and pick up the pieces to make something beautiful. I LOVE what you did.


P.S. I like Shawn McDonald. I've never heard him until today. Kinda groovy music.

Those jeans and little top are so pretty. I liked the bag too LOL and I can't believe I missed your last post and missed my opportunity to win a pin cushion. Oh well, there's always a next time ;-)

Yay! Thank you so much, that's made my day! I'll email you my address. That little top looks gorgeous, so clever of you to salvage the fabric like that. :)

I think we have a winner!

I LOVE what you did with the bag. Just perfect!

Pellon changed their DecorBond? Boo. I haven't bought it in awhile and didn't know. That's not what I wanted to hear.

Your outfits turned out wonderful! I'm so glad the bag didn't win ;)

It was worth getting frustrated with the bag for the top and jeans - they're great. I love the orange/green combo.

How Cute! I believe the winner will be whomever get to wear those cute little creations. Absolutely adorable!

I have no doubt that you won! That bag makes a fantastic little girls frock. Fantastic! Hope that you had fun with your giveaway! Jen

Cute little outfit! I love your fabric choices.

absolutely darling outfit!!!!
you did an amazing job on it. and i love what you did to those jeans! i'm totally going to copy you.
has anyone told you how brilliant you are today?????

Those are really very nice, thx for sharing.

would you tell me what pattern you used for that top? i just found some darling fabric in my stash. i want to make that little top for my friend's daughter!
thanks so much.

Gosh i loved that bag in the making, but I also loved what it changed into also. Such talent;)

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