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September 26, 2008


As long as you're still keeping busy, that's good. Love these new buttons! Sounds like you had a productive week, so you are forgiven!

Oh gosh I'm struggling with normal tasks this week. Usually I'm able to keep all the parts of my life at least scratched at the surface. I am totally neglectful this week of some areas. But next week I hope to get it together!!!! Seriously I feel like I have ADD today. The buttons are beautious.

That's exactly why this blog is called You Go Girl! Everytime I read one of your posts, I want to say You Go Girl!!! You're my kinda gal with all that off-task-i-ness. LOVE, LOVE those adorable buttons!!!

Geeee glad I am not the only one with dust. I love your buttons they are lovely.
Hugs Mary.

I'm glad I not the only one off task! Your buttons are adorable - congrats on the sale :)

Love the buttons! No wonder they sold so fast! About your days....I know about that which you speak. Don't we all? Stuff happens (and stuff doesn't happen)


congratulations on your first sale! Jen

Absolutely love the buttons! Off task... I know that feeling far too well. Sometimes those things you do when you are supposed to be doing something else are enough to lift you and then you can get back on task again. Like your Etsy sale - congratulations! x

Gosh Cassie,
You make me feel so incredibly normal.
I, like you am struggling with all the ordinary stuff, presently and I don't know where my days go!
Not much computer until the past few days, no sewing at all and just the menial daily tasks are barely getting done...but I am playing with and feeding 6 madly growing puppies and my family...that's enough for now isn't it?!!
Recently I was awarded the Wylde Women Award by Marc and I'd like to share it with you. Please have a look at my blog...You truly inspire me with your excellent everyday-ness...Thanks for making me feel normal....
You go Girl!!! You rock!!!

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