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August 27, 2008


What beautiful pictures Cassie! That sounds a bit like my dream vacation-all places that I would love to visit one day. Your girls are so cute-much like their mom! And, in answer to your question-I knew my butt wasn't tiny, but wore something that made it look really big and asked my sister if my butt was big (they usually give more honest answers than your hubby), and her reply was, "Yeah, it's been big since the 6th grade." That's what sisters are for! Thanks a lot!

What an action packed post! What lovely photos of your family. It makes me long for the warmer weather! As for the holiday...I would trade 5 holidays for a 'studio'...I wish I was you! Jen

What stunning photographs, how blessed you are to live so close to all of this natural beauty.

Sorry about your butt. LOL!! I don't even want to know what mine looks like!

I've always wanted to take a vacation "at home". It sounds so much more relaxing than having to clean and pack and drive (or fly) a long distance. You've given me some great ideas!

Hahaha! Now you know why I hate having my picture taken -- those pictures never reflect what's in my mind's eye LOL.

Your girls are adorable and it looks like you had a great time. Why would you need to take a "vacation" with all that beauty in your backyard? Someday I hope to make it there -- I've been to almost all of the states, but Montana is still on my list!

Love the emb. peek -- can't wait to see more!

My I just love your doodles!

How beautiful – absolutely breathtaking! Mountains and water, nothing can beat that combination.

Beautiful Backyard Vacation! We spent a week in that are a few years ago and just loved it! Your girls are adorable and look like they're having a spectacular time.

About the butt question....yes. Nuff said.


Sounds like a wonderful vacation, you're so lucky to have all this so close to home! Your girls are darling. And your stitches are wonderful, can't wait to see more.

We actually did that hike on our honeymoon. It was beautiful. Seeing all your pictures makes me homesick. And yes - I am always shocked when I see pictures of my back side - not pleasant. I, however, know I am not done eating. he he :-)

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