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July 31, 2008


WooHoo!!! Thanks for sharing your secrets! I have tried this method before but without much success -- I think I must be falling short on the pin, pin, pin step -- I've tended to pin sparsely and wing it. I'll try again! (Do you suppose my real problem could be that I'm sewing on a Viking instead of a Bernina LOL?) Those potholders are adorable btw and now you have another pair! THANK YOU for sharing your excellent and perfect technique with us!!!

I have to give this technique a try! Yours look so professional. I must fiddle with my needle position settings.

Beeeeautiful binding! The beauty of yours may convince me to try finishing a binding by machine again! Thank you very much!!

THANK YOU, CASSIE!! And thanks for the heads-up email! You are the best. I am so trying this this weekend...

Your tutorial rocks and so do YOU! Thank you ever so much, Cassie, for your loverly email advising me of your tutorial, and your wonderful instructions here. My only problem is I don't own a Bernina - I have a Viking! I don't know how well this will translate to my machine, but I'm sure gonna give it a try. Thank you for sharing!

p.s. I do LOVE me some Snickers, too! That must be the REAL secret of No Snit Binding success!

Very cool. I think it has more to do with where you line up the edge when pinning, by going just a smidge over that line, you seem to be sewing again on that line and then it makes the back just catch the edge and look fabulous! I'll try it next time I have something simple to make.

Well I'm not even sure if I can move my needle over and I've never used my walking foot but it's time to try it all out! Nice pictures!

So Long, Snitsville!

What a wonderful tutorial, Cassie! Thanks so much for sharing! Enjoy those Snickers bars! ;-)

Thank you Cassie! I'm a Viking seamstress too, so I'll have to fiddle around with the needle positioning, but just knowing that tidbit might be helpful in perfect snit-free binding. I'm so glad you heard the pleas of your readers. Love your blog.


Thanks so much for taking the time to share your super binding method. I'm still trying to find a way that makes me happy LOL. I am going to give yours a try and see how it goes.
Another Viking girl here and I can only find 2 needle positions at the moment but I'm going to do some playing around while I have peace and quiet at home.
thanks again, I love your blog

Great tutorial! Thanks for putting it together!

What a great tutorial! What a fantastic professional finish you get using your method. So glad I found your blog! - Jen

Wow, something to read and study and then try. I love potholders. I taught myself to freeform quilt with many of them. I'm going to do this. Thank you.

i so totally have a crush on you. (don't tell thimbleanna. she doesn't check back in the comments section after she's already made comments, so my secret is safe.)
thanks so much!!!!!

Great tutorial! This is how I put binding on as well. You are so right, practice makes nearly perfect. I think making my own binding is one of my favorite things to do LOL

Thanks so much for your tutorial! I used it to finish up a long time UFO and I am so happy with how it turned out! I mentioned you on my blog! Thanks again!

Thanks I learned a lot. I have tried this once before with little success. I am sure with your help I'll do better next time.

Oh, this is wonderful and you do such lovely work, Cassie. I will certainly try this when I'm binding something other than a purse that wants to fight with me! lol

Thanks so very much!

Thank you so much for these easy instructions!! I used the method on some baby bibs and a small quilt and they turned out wonderful!! Yay - now I don't need to handstitch those small projects anymore!

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I had never done binding before, but it was pretty easy with your help! I used it on Quilts for my neices.

What a great tutorial, love the pics and love the word 'snit'.... never heard it before, but i love it anyway. Don't you love that fabric. thanks again. x

Thanks for sharing that fabulous no snit border. I love the snit bit hehehehe. I intend to try this today as I have been wanting to do machine borders like this for awhile now but just didnt get my brain into gear to work it out properly. So thanks for making it all clear.

This is brilliant! Thank you for posting such a wonderful tutorial (I was very envious of your beautiful bindings on other projects you have posted, so I am thrilled that you put this up so I can *try*!)

I have a Viking for all you viking sewers
and I have always done my quilt bindings this way, viking machine adjusts the needle just great!!
Am officially hooked on this great blog!
Inspires me to start my own, so fun,
thank you once more!!
Fell like I have made a new friend!!
I am wanting to make some of those
older vintage edges of yesteryear, the 2-3"
ones with the beautiful designs,
any ideas on where to find patterns??

I have been so frustrated with my machine binding. While I can't eat the snickers before I start (for healthy reasons) and I didn't really want to hear about practice, practice, practice, I'm smitten by the title of your tutorial and willing to give this a try. Thank you for your humor and great directions.

Thank you so much, I'm super excited to try it. I am just finishing a baby quilt and hated binding because of the hand sewing. We even have the same machine. So helpful, THANK YOU!!!

Hand sewing binding is something I hate. You did a great job showing how to get it neat and even. Thanks. Now I have about 4 quilts to put together and won't feel one ounce of guilt about not doing a blind hem, hand sewn binding.

Instead of eating two Snickers bars, I think I will drink two glasses of wine!!! Gonna give it a try.

cool. i am going to try this!!

I'm a Smarties girl. Keeps the fingers cleaner. :) I'm definitely going to try your technique. Makes perfect sense. Finishing by hand is what I do now and it takes forever. Wish me luck!!

Mine mom and I quilt alot and she taught me how to do machine binding, I have never seen the binding made this way! I am going to have to give it a try! I make 2.25 in binding and fold it over and iron it in half. I will be trying this method and share it with my mom!

That is fabulous and a hidden talent indeed, whisper: "thanks for sharing your secret" and a SHOUT OUT to eamylove.com for pointing me your way!!

very nice thank you so much ^^

What is step 7 -- it goes from step 6 to step 8 -- is there something missing?

Thank You

I worship the ground that you walk on. LOLL I've always sewn my binding by hand and it has been putting strain on my eyes. After trying several methods by machine I wasn't happy with any of them until I found yours. It's perfect. I've just posted one of my projects and linked the tutorial back to you. Thanks so much.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I just started sewing and have been practicing binding making placemats and pot holders. My quilting is "acceptable", but the binding looks awful. I just tried your method and it is wonderful!! My placemat looks perfect (I wanted to cry I was so happy). Your instructions were so easy to follow. Again, thanks for sharing!

Just found this tutorial today and am willing to give it a try. It sounds really easy, thanks! I sew with a Janome and am not sure of the needle moves, but I will try it.

I always do mine by machine, as I cut my finger and have problems hand stitching. A trick I found to eliminate the pinning, once you stitch it on the back, you PRESS & STEAM your binding over and this gives you a nice clean tight edge and no pinning necessary, you can just nudge it with your fingers as needed.

THANK YOU so much! Tried it on a doll quilt and it worked like a charm .... Bless your soul!! Now I can actually finish ALL my UFO's :D

Your thingamagig, and whatchamachalit procedures are so much easier for me to understand. Will you teach me crochet PLEASE??? LOL

Thank you Very much for well illustrated tute...and I also would like to learn to crochet...(Tamara 21/7/13) keep up the good work.

Thank you…..thank you …thank you!
The binding is my favorite part of the finishing touches. I love the way it just ties everything together.
I am new to quilting and I was struggling with getting the seams to "line up" on the front and back. The result was less than satisfactory.

Your method was fool proof. I am so pleased with how it turned out.

Thanks again for helping me perfect my favorite finishing touch.

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