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July 23, 2008


Looks like the everything tote. Very cute style and love the fabric combinations. Wish I could take your class!

I especially like the green tote. Super nice color combos. Crisp. Just like summer.

How 'bout the Beautiful Bag? Or the You Go Girl on the Go Bag? You certainly have a lot on your plate. But then we knew that -- with 5 girls, how could you not? That whole blog/comment/family/craft balance eludes most of us -- I don't know about everyone else, but I just muddle along in a fog sometimes wondering if I'm missing too much of real life. But, I'm hopelessly addicted to the never-ending inspiration!

All I can say is WOW, you are totally my hero, such a Super Mum. How many hours does your day have? I have an only child that sleeps 12 hours and I am still pushed for time LOL.
I can't wait for your binding tutorial, I always have a good geg at your binding, it always looks so perfectly done.
Take care ;-)

What a usy schedule you have!My 11 yr old duaghter thought the bag should be named "Summer tote" for all those summer time errands (library, pool etc). Hope life settles down for you soon...

You are one busy lady - you really are an inspiration to us all! I love the bag and the fact that it's reversible.
PS Something for you over at Dancin' Puffin - hope you haven't already got one

I think the "Go Green Tote" is what I would call it. Love it, truly!

Good luck balancing everything, I don't have kids and it's still hard to get it all done! Thanks in advance for the binding tutorial! I love your machine binding look, too, but have never made it work right for me!

I loved your last line, "spankier than a shopping bag". So how about "The Spanky Bag", or the "Spanky Shopping Bag"?

Cassie, I hereby dub you "Wonder Woman"! I am so glad to know that you cannot possibly reply to everyone's comments (and as for me, I wouldn't even expect you to). I'm just happy, happy, happy that we are going to get a tutorial on binding! Thank YOU!!

Love that bag! That's one of those "Go Everywhere" bags that you need for library books, and all the stuff that gets lost in the car when you are on the go. Fashionable and practical!


Even though I was a bit late with my begging, I thank you ever so much for the upcoming binding tutorial!
I find your juggling to keep balance in your life an amazing feat - I am truly impressed with all you have on your plate, and all you accomplish. You go girl, indeed!!
The bag is adorable, by the by.

my kids are a bit older... so those years are gone of the running here, running there, 3 kids on 3 different fields at the same time... i almost bought a bumper sticker one time that said "I'm not a stay-at-home-mom, I stay in my CAR!!!" - but as the years went by, i really started loving those times in the car with my kids. sometimes it was the only one on one time i ever got with them in a day. my last one is getting his license soon and i'm going to miss being in the car with him, driving him and his friends around. enjoy them.. they're gone so fast!

Love your blog and bags and your Toodles sign off. Maybe you can call your bag the Toodleloo Bag.

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