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July 17, 2008


Oh that is adorable and I would sit at great lengths!

What an amazing transformation! I am so impressed, and I LOVE the new look. So inviting.

I love it. That chair looks really comfy. I would spend days lounging if given the opportunity. Great job!

Oh my gosh! That is cute!!

Great transformation! It will be hard to resist relaxing (and stitching) in that lounge chair!

What a fabulous make over !! Looks perfect for reclining on, on a summers afternoon! Wishing you many lemonade filled days!

WOW! Great transformation! Love the colors! Thanks for sharing.

Oh my goodness!!! its soo beautiful!!! wow you are one inspiring lady-loo

This looks amazing. You have done a fantastic job.

okay... i jumped over here from thimbleanna.. that chair is GORGEOUS!!! your dog is darling, the hotpads you made for anna are magnificent! i think i'm your new biggest fan! now...we have to learn how you make your binding so perfect!!!

L O V E that chair!!!! Great job!

WAY cute!
I just popped over from Thimbleanna's and may I implore you to tell us how you get such perfect binding onto those ADORABLE pot holders? Please Please???

Love your blog.


absolutely amazingly adorable!!! love it!
I discovered your blog from Thimbleanna, and I can't wait to come back for more visits!

I also wandered over from Thimbleanna's and now I want to stay forever! Your chaise is wonderful, just exactly as I would have wanted it, too, and your blog is delightful.

Love it! Love it! LOVE IT!!!

Wow! That chair is gorgeous-you sure saw the potential in that one. I bet it was a lot of work, but it was well worth it! Now have your picture taken in it and post it, ok? :)

Ack! That's too stinkin adorable - I just had a vision of aqua wood and red polka dot cushions...I think I have to keep my eye out for one of these now! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Oh, yeah, I totally love the potholders too - I was hoping to come here to find a shop!!

I am here from Thimbleanna too and your chaise is lovely! I really really would love to know how you get your binding so perfect. I have never done machine bindings because I can't get them to look right. Do tell!

Molly in Sumner, WA

What a stunning change. Its so darling! And yes yes yes!!!! We want to know how to bind like that.

O your chair is so lovely .I would love sitting around and doing my stitching on your chair .

Yippy!! That chair is AMAZING!!! I love all the fun colors and the pillow is just the cherry on top. Plus it's a great way to keep the guys off the furniture (what kind of dude sits on pink cushions?)!

Hahaha! Jona's comment about dudes on pink cushions cracked me up!!! That chair is awesome -- I so wish you had been around 6 or 7 years ago when I threw a similar one in the garbage. And you got comments from a few people from my blog who've never even commented to me -- so that's a big hint and I'll join them -- can we PLEASE PLEASE learn your fabulous binding secret??? XOXO!

Oh wow, that looks fantastic.
I'd skip the lemonade and shortbreads and head straight for the gin and tonic and a huge bag of chips.
A good book and you'd be set!

I love this! I can always see the potential in something that no one else can, too--it's always so much fun to unveil the final product!

You Go Girl!

I'm thinking margueritas, forget the food. Or wine and dark chocolate if it's evening...

You have done a fabulous job. Hope you enjoy kicking back and putting your feet up! Jen

What a fabulous chaise (now). Its amazing what a change some paint and yummy fabric can make.

I just love what you've done to that chaise! How creative of you to make that rather clunky and very ordinary cast-off into something spectacular. My hat is off to you!

Susan in Texas

I am visiting from Thimbleanna, and I must say I adore what you did to that chaise lounge! Anna said we are to bug you to teach us your secret to that absolutely perfect binding! I try to do everything Anna tells me to, you know. LOL!! Puh-leeeze????

Wow! This is gorgeous, beautiful job you did.

I just found your blog and I am in Love. I have had this furniture on my unused deck for about 3 years now...I know... I inherited it. I just had not decided what to do with it. Now I know. Is your cushion one piece? Mine is a lounge, chair, Love Seat, and side tables. Better get started this weekend.

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