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June 06, 2008


I loved your letter about Hailey! Truly spoken from a loving mom that's for sure...:)

Praise God that she is His child and your prayer that she will embrace His perfect plan for her life is right on. Train them up in the ways that they should go! You are certainly right about not borrowing troubles from tomorrow, but at least you'll have practice for the other 4!

Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday to your sweet Hailey.

What a moving tribute to your daughter - hope Hailey has a terrific birthday. Great key fobs. (I am still a couple of years off driving lessons - you have to be 16 in W Australia).

I so know how you feel, where does the time go?! Hailey sounds like a really great girl, hey, I have an almost 16 year old son ; ) How far away do y'all live? lolol

Happy Birthday, Hailey!!!!!

Happy Birthday Hailey! You sound like a wonderful girl with a great head on your shoulders!

And for you mom -- these are awesome years coming up. Years when all your questions will be answered. I remember when my oldest went off to college that I told my mom -- gee, mom, our family dynamics could really change in the next 5 - 10 years as the boys bring home girls/wives. And sure enough, now we have a new DIL that just 5 short years ago I didn't even know. It's great fun!

What a lovely letter - very touching. These are the words that children/young adults should hear. Love the keyrings - great idea! You made me chuckle about Hailey learning to drive. I've been driving for 10 years this year but I still remember clearly how nervous I was learning to drive... but I also remember how nervous my Dad was... I knew how nervous he was because I'd never seen him 'act' so calm! Hang on in there - you'll be a pro by the time it comes round to the triplets.

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