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July 17, 2010


I love this little pouch! I always feel so inspired by your posts. I think I need to get myself a gathering foot thingy! You always choose such beautiful colours. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

VERY cute! I might need one of those feet. I still struggling with getting my zipper to lay flat after sewing up the side seams of a bag ... any suggestions?

Love the rufffles! so cute.

SHAZAM is right! the ruffled bag is nothing short of ruffle-icioius. I just got an amazing little point & shoot camera as an anniversary gift from my husband of 22 years. It is a Leica. Look into it - it is a bloggers dream come true ... and it fits in the palm of my hand. If you get one maybe your blog will be saying SHAZAM... SHAZAM... SHAZAM over and over. I hope so, I love the things you make - the way you make them and I always want to see more. Carolina

My advice, get someone to take pictures for you (friend, brother, sister etc...). Your projects must be seen!!!

Love the ruffles! A foot like that is on my list. Maybe the Bernina folks will have one at Quilt Odyssey. I totally know what you mean about the photos. It gets in the way of my blogging too. I'm gonna try and store some random photos and see if that helps.

Very cute! Wonderful inspiration.

love the ruffles!! the pom-pom is like a cherry on top of the perfect sundae!

Very CUTE! Love those ruffles. Hope you've had a good weekend re-uniting with your chaos LOL!

wonderful zippered bag! love love love those adorable ruffles!

I SO get what you mean about pictures. I think I may have to look into one of these ruffle foots for my machine.

Great clutch! Love the ruffles. I need a ruffler for my machine. Jackie

Oh I love it! It's ruffle-lutionary! I always think you take the best pictures of your stuff. Oh well.

Life IS good.


Oh, that is cute. I think your little pom pom really just sets it off!

is the magic foot #16 is for a regular sewing machine or for a serger? thanks

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