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June 04, 2010


I know what you mean about your etsy shop. Mine is pathetic too! I try to get things on it but I have had so many custom orders that I can't catch up. Love the lunch bags...are they lined?

Beautiful bags!
I know from experience that Etsy doesn't kick members off (Otherwise my lovely shop would have died for the year I took off!)
Also I used this tutorial to make PDF Pattern files!

Hope it helps! :)

I love the bags and would like to purchase one. Do you know when they will be in your etsy shop?

Ha-ha...you are hilarious. Trust me, the throw up in the back of your throat is worse when it's your last child (of 2) graduating next year. You have my understanding and sympathy!!!!

I love these little bags. How would I get to your site on Etsy?

You and Ms. B. -- throwing up a little bit in the back of your mouths -- I just don't know what I'm going to do with you two! I've been sitting here trying to think of the company that starts with a B that had a tutorial for pdf patterns and I happened to glance up at the comment before mine and she's taken care of you. Yay! After you figure out how to do it, maybe you can tell me LOL!

Oh! And very, very cute lunchbags!!!

And what about the Cheesecake Recipe.....pleaseeeeeeee!!!

Thanks from Spain in advance!!!

Our babies keep getting older and I try not to panic. My son will be 11 in Nov and my heart rejoices and aches at the thought.

I snorted tea through my nose when I read where you want to beautify the world of cold lunch. And so do I...Please write a pattern.

I use an open source word processing package called OpenOffice. Many of my homeschooling friends use the software because it's free and works well.

Anyho, the OpenOffice Writer has a "convert to PDF button" and that is how I make PDFs...OpenOffice will recognize a ton of word processing files like *rtf and *doc. It's easy and well you know, I'm just sayin'...

Here's the link...http://www.openoffice.org

So cute! Your color combos really make those special. A job well done!

I love the colors used in your pretty lunch bags. And I'm glad Morgan posted the PDF pattern tutorial link in your comments.

Lovely lunchbags.... noble cause, for sure! And my oldest girl will be seventeen in two months.I understand that rush of panic feeling you get when you think about her turning eighteen. Must help to keep the hamster running!

Oh me me me don't forget me. :-) I'd love to have one too! If any left. I still have my bento boxes to pretty-fy!
Or send me a link when you put them in the shop they are cute!

Very cute!! I have a pattern to make those. I need to find it. lol I love taking those with me shopping. IF I can remember to take them out of the car when I walk in the store. I remember when I'm actually tossing stuff in my cart.

if my youngest child were not an 18 y.o. son, i would get one of those darling lunch bags!!
oooh, maybe i should get one for ME. for when i bring my lunch to work!
okay..... i just wanted to point out that MR. SUNSHINE is not all he's cracked up to be when he hangs out.
it's about 90 degrees in my bedroom right now and it's 8am.

Okay Cassie, stop teasing me! And you know what I'm talking about :-)
~Vicki (waiting, not so very patiently now that I see the line-up!)

google: convert pdf file free download

i use one called CutePDF, LOVE IT! it sets itself up as another printer... -create your pattern in a regular document
-before you even save it, go to print
-click the dropdown menu where it shows the name of your regular printer and choose CutePDF instead
-a SaveAs box will pop up
-give your file a name and choose a folder to put in and click save
-bingo! you have a pdf file!
best. thing. ever. it's how i save free patterns that i find..., just in case their website disappears :) don't let a lack of an expensive PDF maker keep you from sharing/selling such a wonderful looking lunchbag!

these are so fun and fresh...they almost make me wish I had to pack lunches!

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