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May 27, 2009


I would love to go into the draw! (by the way - i would be cat!)

I'm number 1!!
Which means I probably won't win...
but I loved your giveaway post!
ta ta!

What a wonderful giveaway!

Love the towels...
Take care

I think ginger blossom is now my fave...These things are lovely and a very generous giveaway too.

oh I would love some of that yummy ginger blossom fabric please put me in the draw hugs Beth

I would love to be in the draw pretty please.
Hugs Mary.

Thanks for having a give away! I read your blog all the time now - not sure how I found it, but I am sure glad! You use lovely fabrics and make nice items! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Thanks so much for your blog and your giveaway. Love the fabrics, and would love to win your towels!

Great giveaway! I am just starting a quilt along using the Ginger Blossom fabrics! Jona's apron is great! I have made two of them. I would be a Paint Horse. Black and White. Because they are BEAUTIFUL! :D

WooHoo!! I hope I win! I've made 2 aprons using Jona's apron pattern and am making my 3rd right now. I'd be happy to make a 4th!

I am hearing WOOHOO...this is fab. Thanks for the opp.


Oooh great giveaway!!! Please please enter me ;-)

"Woohoo", everytime I hear that word I think of Elliot from the movie "Open Season". Cracks me up everytime. Loved your giveaway post, nevermind if I don't win, I like the entertainment here :-) Although winning would be nice too.

a wonderful giveaway
I LOVE these towels they are just so pretty.
The fabrics are great too! would love to put them in my scrappy tumblers I am working on.
btw a very spoiled westie!

Thanks for the giveaway, I could really do with a new potholder, especially one as lovely as that! I'll have to keep my fingers crossed!

You scared there for a minute.


i will be a french bulldog - so cuuuuuuute!!!!

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love all your projects and since I'm a sucker for a nice set of fat quarters and would love one of your creations I'm coming out of lurking to comment! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

I just discovered your blog. What beautiful sewing. Susan from CA.

First time I have been to your site - very cute stuff - by the way I would be a cocker spaniel

Those towels are beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for the great giveaway. I would love to win!!

As far as the animal thing, I would love to be a cat they sleep all day!
I am a bit sleep deprived right now, but anyways...great giveaway, I would love to win some of your YUM!

Sounds like fun! Thanks for participating and the great giveaway.

Love all your items you are giving away. Many animal I would be. I guess a dog since I know how much I love mine and spoil mine. I iwll keep my fingers crossed that the number generator will pick me.

Woohoo, what a great giveaway! If I could be any animal I would choose a duck because I could fly and swim and migrate to see different parts of the world! How fun!

WOOHOO!!!! You're SOOO funny! I'll get right on that synopsis assignment. And I'd like to be an otter -- lazily swimming around on my back enjoying the sun and not having to haul mulch around! Beautiful good you're giving away!

Ginger Blossoms is one of my all time favorite lines!

I'd come back as a dog in my house. I think they have a better life than many people in this world! Thanks for being so generous in this giveaway.

Superb giveaway!!!
Count me in please
I am participating too

Thanks for the great giveaway! I love this fabric!

You had me going. Was trying to think of an animal...then I continued reading. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

What a truly fabulous giveaway!I just love the gorgeous fabrics and beautiful colours you've chosen.

WooHoo ! I think it will be one day rather than one hour for me but nevertheless, here I am !

If I HAD to answer which animal it would have been a cat, no ordinary cat but my own one cause she gets to sleep on my bed and do nothing all day long! Thanks for the giveaway.

Cool - I love Ginger Blossom fabric. And you can never have too many towels. I think I would have fun being a hummingbird...just zipping around in the air and prettying up people's gardens.

Great stuff here. Thanks for the giveaway, Cassie. Love the Ginger Blossoms.

Ha ha, I loved your comment ideas!
Your giveaway is lovely! Hoping to win!!

What a sweet gift. I'd love to join in on your giveaway. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

I would be a blogging cat.. to be able to enter your giveaway!!!

Awesome Giveaway! I was just contemplating buying some Ginger Blossom this morning so, it would be even better to win some!

I can sum up all your blog posts in just two words: Fah-bulous Dah-ling! I would be a cat...they get to do nothing and be adored! Seriously though, what a great giveaway! Very generous of you!

You Go Girl! Really you do. Would love to be entered in your wonderful drawing.

Just imagine - should I win, you wouldn't even have to ship! We could just meet for coffee, chat about crafts, and off we'd go.

fun! count me in!
and, just in case you really wanted to know ... i would be a giraffe, because i'd love to know how it feels to be taller than everyone else. :o)

I'm new to your blog as well! I love this blog-hop!

What a great giveaway! I love the towels and that fabric is fabulous

Those are beautiful. I wan't to win!

I would love to be in the drawing. Gorgeous prize! =)

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