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August 07, 2008


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Beautiful post Cassie! I love the flower, the fact that you painted your toes blue, mine are always pink or red, and the best part is realizing that there is a season for everything with our kids. The best thing we can do is trust the Lord with them! You have a wise mom...wishing you a happy summer! We won't have fall weather until the end of October...

Lovely toes LOL! I'm having the same creativity issues. I'm hoping it's the lull before the storm -- Christmas will be here soon you know! I feel just like your mom -- mother nature has a way of making things work out when the time comes. I worried and worried about my babies going off to college for too many years before it happened and thought I'd never be able to let them go and then...that last semester of their senior year -- they both drove me so crazy I wanted to pay them to leave!!!

I have had that problem with the distractions of summer. Think of it as gathering inspiration for the next creative burst. Your flower is really beautiful - I could stare at it for hours. I especially love the flower doodle you created - very inspiring.
ps - your blog IS fabulous!!!

Hey Cassie,
Thanks for the mention and the very kind words.
I've been thinking how I might stitch some snowdrops and bluebells and seeing your lovely embroidery has given me some great ideas.
Thank you!
Gem x

I noticed the sandal tan line before I noticed the sky blue toe polish! Cute, especially with a daisy between your toes.

Montana? I'm from Montana too, and I know what you mean about "living in the now" during this time of year. (actually, I like to do it all year round) But summer seems so fleeting up North.

I just have to try your doodling technique. I love the ones I've seen.


Your embroidery is beautiful!

Funny, I just posted about how I still havn't let my 16 year old son get his license. I guess I need to take a lesson from you : )

I habitually misspell spaghetti. Even just now, I had to really think about it LOL I always want to spell it spaguetti.

My daughter should be getting her license soon too and I think I'm ready (I'm hoping she can lighten my driving load). I don't know if I'm ready for the insurance bill though!

Lovely embroidery! I love your style!

My 19 year old son is heading off for his Jr year abroad....my heart is in my throat; I'm ready, though, to cut this last apron string....thanks for such a lovely post. The word I spell incorrectly 9 times out of 10 - opthamologist. Is it spelled correctly right now? Don't know!

Awesome! wish my feet were that pretty.

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